Mihrab Journeys is a Destination Management Company (DMC) that organizes travel vacations, incentive trips and events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The aim of Mihrab Journeys, your door to the Kingdom, is to organize for you an unforgettable travel experience in Saudi Arabia and/or help you arrange your incentive trip. We are confident in the knowledge and on-field experience that we have acquired after a long stay in the Kingdom.


Our aim is to facilitate foreigners to overcome cultural and language barriers in a country that is opening up for the first time to international tourism. We consider it a responsibility to help people discover the authenticity and flavors of Saudi culture doing our best to create benefits for the local community and the environment.


Saudi Arabia is taking its first steps in granting tourist visas to an international audience.


Until now, few privileged eyes have been fortunate to admire wonderful sites such as, to name but a few, the majestic palace tombs of the second Nabatean capital Madain Saleh (after Petra in Jordan), ancient inscriptions dating back to the Neolithic period in the endless desert of the Rub Al Khali, the crystal clear waters of the Farasan Islands and of the Heejaz or the magnificent golden dunes and the streets of aromas and spices crossed by the legendary Lawrence of Arabia.


This closure to the world, over the last 40 years, has caused the country to be little known. Saudi Arabia is essentially perceived as the “Kingdom” of prohibitions and the subjugation of women.
 We know that Saudi Arabia is much more than this. It is a society rich in nuances where the conservative and Bedouin element mixes with a welcoming hospitality, technological progress, creative impulse and design innovation. All this is reflected through Riyadh’s ultra-modern skyscrapers and a trendy and dynamic youth eager to open up to the world while preserving their own cultural peculiarities.


Mihrab Journeys wants to lift the veil on a mysteriously beautiful yet hidden Kingdom.


Place your trust on Mihrab Journeys, your door to the Kingdom. As Western and Saudi citizens who lived many years in the country we know how to combine our love for Saudi Arabia and extensive knowledge of local customs in a way that can harmoniously encounter the culture and mentality of both Western and Arab travelers.